Omega Organika company intermediate and trades on the various highest quality and vivid range of agricultural seed products both organic and regular certification.

United group of cooperated companies lead by Omega Organika engages from it’s initial start of biological ground fertilizers development, certification of organic origin, own insemination selection, land fields mechanical preparation, cultivation, sowing, growth agronomical surveillance, harvesting, gathering, storage facilities management and continuing trade of organic agricultural products from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to European Union, USA and foreign markets on request.

Flax seeds

Company trades and deals with exceptional principals of compliance, win-win partnership concept and quality assurance by independent certified testing laboratories.

Omega Organika partner trade companies are certified by European Union control body “Ekoagros” (LT-EKO-001). Each individual growth lead is surveyed by contracted agronomists with exceptional know-how and experience combining skills.

Surveillance, coordination and land condition state is assured by satellite monitoring. Land certified as pure Organic by “Ekoagros” as per Standards Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standards for Third Countries (Regulation (EC) 834/2007, 889/2008).

Certification of NOP (USDA) is present along with now in process ordered GMP+ by SGS. Actively trading on both local and international market using purchase planning we kindly offer accordingly organic rapeseed, soya, lupine and in close perspective wheat.

We intend to meet close cooperation and would be keen signing long-term contracts.

Seed laboratory